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At DRAW, we offer specialized auditing services aimed at optimizing telecom networks and ensuring accurate network drawings, the quality of physical assets, and the correct placement of above- and underground objects. Our comprehensive approach is designed to provide telecom companies with detailed insights into their infrastructure, promoting efficiency, and minimizing risks.

Our experienced audit team conducts thorough checks on your network infrastructure, paying attention not only to technical aspects and material usage but also to the accuracy of network drawings. We ensure that the physical implementation accurately aligns with the design documentation, which is crucial for a reliable and well-functioning telecom environment.

In addition, we evaluate, among other things, the physical objects in your network, such as cabinets and distribution points, to ensure they are in optimal condition and comply with applicable standards and regulations. Our audits also focus on the precise placement of objects, which is crucial for preventing conflicts and ensuring safety.

Our post-audit reports not only provide an overview of the current status but also include recommendations for improvements and optimizations. Whether it's updating outdated drawings, identifying potential network bottlenecks, or improving the accuracy of object locations, we offer tailor-made solutions that align with your specific needs.

Choose DRAW as your auditing partner in the telecom industry and leverage our expertise to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your networks, drawings, and physical assets. Contact us for a detailed discussion of your needs and discover how we can support you in achieving telecom excellence.
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