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Survey and Measuring Data

Surveying information plays a crucial role in the success of a telecom project. That is why we have specialized in surveying services with a high degree of accuracy. From site surveys to recording cable routes and from mast positioning to recording buildings. With our surveying services we bring precision and efficiency to your projects. We do this, among other things, by assisting you with the design, overhaul and maintenance of telecom networks. Our surveyors use advanced technologies and equipment to map sites, mast locations and cabling for you. These detailed measurements form the basis of careful planning, KLIC reporting and quality management.

Because we use current survey data as a starting point, we avoid unnecessary delays and costs. However, our services go even further. We collect all data every week and create comprehensive reports and maps, which help you make informed decisions. For example, to optimize coverage, plan new installations or manage your existing networks. With our surveying expertise, we take your projects to new heights with precision and reliability. Contact us today for a customized plan of your surveying needs.
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Survey and Measuring Data



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Bruistensingel 400 5232 AE ’s-Hertogenbosch

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