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Design, Revising, Deliveries

As true fiber optic ninjas, we are committed to providing high-quality services within the telecom industry. From design to revision and flawless delivery. Our telecom infrastructure expertise extends to every phase of a project. We focus on maximizing project efficiency, reliability and performance. Our design team does this, among other things, by bringing knowledge and experience to your projects. Whether it concerns the implementation of new networks or the upgrading of existing networks. We create a design that meets the client's needs. By using the latest technologies, both you and your client are completely unburdened. Once the design is approved, implementation starts.

During construction, we are present on location every day to measure and accurately map the network. We process this data and overhaul the network every week. Based on this, good quality information is fed back to your project leaders and managers. In our feedback we also identify potential bottlenecks and simultaneously propose solutions. We always take the current situation and possible developments in the future into account. Ultimately, we implement all adjustments and your network is registered under your name in the KLIC. This shows that your organization is active in this area and others are immediately aware of the work and the associated precautions.

The final part of our process is delivery. Here all information merges and a seamless whole is created. In this phase, perfection is needed to implement the network in the grid operator's system. Just one letter in the wrong place will prevent the network from getting through the system. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly what is needed for a flawless implementation. We continue until everything is right. If we need data from third parties for this, we request this directly from the party in question. This prevents us from coming to a standstill and keeps the lead time as short as possible. The result: an efficient and timely completion of the project.

Experience for yourself how we take your projects to new heights with our expertise and dedication. Contact us without obligation and discover how we make your project a success.
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